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Quality Statement

It is the objective of AISIN (Australia) Pty. Ltd. to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction in a Continuous Improvement Philosophy that embraces all of the operations and functions of the total Company.

The Key Strategies to achieve this objective are:

  • Maintain Customer Focus, above all else.
  • Producing and Sourcing items of a very high quality, Innovation and Technology to meet and exceed customer expectations and standards.
  • Development of a “quality first” attitude and quality knowledge, to ensure a high degree of customer delight due to better quality, improved delivery and reducing costs.
  • Continuous self-renewal, never being satisfied with what we do.
  • Develop people who can think for themselves and who are able to do their own improvements and innovation.
  • Be in partnership with all employees, working with passion, commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Fully equipping each person with the correct tools, training and procedures to “Do it right first time”.

A competitive advantage of AISIN (Australia) Pty. Ltd. lies in the development and conformance of the quality policy strategies and the clearly defined Responsibility of ALL Employees to ensure Quality first in everything we do.


Tetsuhito Sako
Managing Director