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You’ve been using our product for years… you just didn’t know it.

Did you know, the AISIN group of companies design and manufacture high quality products for virtually every element of an automobile, from transmission and drivetrain-related products, to the brake system, chassis, engine, body parts, including sunroofs and door latches, and information-related products. In fact, AISIN products are incorporated into vehicles produced by most OEMs worldwide.

Being a member of the TOYOTA Group of companies, it should not be surprising that the TOYOTA Group is our biggest customer in automotive parts. In fact, fundamentally every TOYOTA vehicle globally is fitted with AISIN products. However, you might be interested to know that our products are often rebranded/repackaged by our customers, that’s why we say you’ve been using our products for years, you just didn’t know it.

Based on our philosophy of “Quality First”, we set about building our company into a network of subsidiaries and affiliates to deliver advanced technologies to a diversifying automotive industry. By optimising each company into a specialised business segment, we have become a corporate group able to process diverse materials such as steel, aluminium and resin into products that cover virtually all driving elements ("drive," "turn" and "stop"), hoping to achieve our vision to become an “Irreplaceable Global Partner” for our customers. As a result of these efforts, AISIN has grown to incorporate 187 subsidiary companies globally and is ranked as one of the top 10 largest Global OEM suppliers.

As a subsidiary of the AISIN Group, AISIN (Australia) Pty Ltd currently supports its OEM customers locally through the production and importation of a range of Body and Engine related products including but not limited to door frame, door moulding, door lock, door hinge, door check, hood lock, oil control valves, variable valve timing, oil pump and clutch kit.