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Aisin Lifestyle

Creating clever, high quality lifestyle products for over 60 years


AISIN Group boasts a strong history in Lifestyle related products spanning over 60 years with a focus on offering its customer “a more comfortable living environment”. The AISIN Group aims to further enhance our range of product offerings by expanding business activities in the areas of Lifestyle here in Australia.

In 1946, AISIN manufactured their first Toyota sewing machine under the guidance of Kiichiro Toyoda (the founder of TOYOTA Motor Corporation). Kiichiro Toyoda had a strong belief that home-use products must be ‘functional’ but yet ‘beautiful’ at the same time.

The first TOYOTA sewing machine HA-1 type was so highly evaluated that it was allowed to use the same TOYOTA trademark as the TOYOTA automobiles. Since then, TOYOTA sewing machines have continued to progress and evolve under the company mottoes of ‘Quality Supremacy’, ‘User Friendliness’ and ‘Elegant Appearance’, with a strong emphasis on "Environmental Awareness". In 2015, AISIN launched the Oekaki 50, an electronic sewing machine with freehand embroidery functions.

AISIN Australia’s business activities in Lifestyle are not new to Australian shores. AISIN (Australia) Pty Ltd. is an Australian subsidiary of AISIN Seiki Japan, that was established in 1972 in order to promote the sale of AISIN and TOYOTA products.

AISIN is a TOYOTA Group Company and has 187 subsidiaries globally. We are a global leader in the design and manufacture of automotive parts based on a central philosophy of "Quality First".

AISIN has used its leadership in automotive parts engineering to create innovative life enhancing products such as Sewing Machines, Beds and Bedding, Relaxation Products, Driving Comfort Products, Showerllete Bidets, Residential Cogeneration Systems and Audio Equipment.

Currently in Australia we continue to promote the sale of TOYOTA Home Sewing Machines with an emphasis in 2015 on enhancing our Lifestyle range with the upcoming launch of the J-Showerllete Bidet in the Australian market and other new and exciting products in the future that will enrich the lives of our customers.