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Company Summary

AISIN Seiki Co. Ltd was established on August 31, 1965. The company has a focus on three different markets; automotive parts, lifestyle and energy related products and wellness related products. AISIN are responsible for the manufacture and sales of automotive parts, including drivetrain, body, brake and chassis, engine and information technology related. They also supply lifestyle and energy related products including sewing machines, beds, gas heat pump products and wellness related products.

Based in Japan, AISIN Seiki Co. Ltd has companies around the globe. Please click here to view information about AISIN’S global network.

In November 1972, AISIN opened a head office in Sydney, Australia. This office was opened as a sales and distribution base for TOYOTA sewing machines in Australia, and a distributor of clutch sets. In January 2002, AISIN moved from Sydney to Melbourne to be closer to their newly created partnership with TOYOTA. They started off manufacturing door locks for TOYOTA in Laverton and in 2004 they started door frame production. In 2006, AISIN (Australia) Pty Ltd introduced New Camry Door frame and Frame moulding production process successfully as a local manufacturer. They also acquired the TS16949 certificate to further develop and achieve the satisfaction and reliability of their local customers.

AISIN (Australia) Pty Ltd settled in its current location in Melbourne in 2004. From this site, AISIN now import, export, produce and sell automotive parts, primarily door frames, door latches, door hinges and door mouldings, and Lifestyle products, including sewing machines, apparel equipment and the J-Showerllete Bidet. AISIN (Australia) Pty Ltd are ‘geared up for the future’ and are looking forward to supplying Australia with After Market products and Lifestyle products.