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Charter of Corporate Behaviour

AISIN (Australia) Pty. Ltd. conducts its business activities in a socially responsible manner and observes both the spirit as well as the letter of all laws and regulations applying to our activities both domestically and overseas in accordance with the following ten principles. We strive to exist not only as an economic entity designed to pursue profits through fair competition, but also as a social entity which must make a contribution to society at large.


10 Guiding Principles of AISIN Corporate Behaviour

1. We, by the development and provision of socially beneficial products and services in a safe and responsible manner, shall strive to earn the confidence and satisfaction of our consumers and users.

2. We shall conduct fair, transparent and free competition. We shall conduct business activities in a socially responsible manner, in addition to observance of laws and regulations. We shall also preserve our normal and proper relationships with political bodies and government agencies.

3. We shall engage in active and fair disclosure of corporate information, not only to the shareholders but also to society at large.

4. We recognize that a positive involvement in environmental issues is an essential part of our activities and our very existence as a corporation, and therefore approach these issues positively.

5. As a “good corporate citizen,” we shall actively support local communities.

6. We shall strive to respect individuality and differences of our employees, to promote safe and comfortable workplaces, and to ensure the physical and mental well being of our employees.

7. We shall reject all contacts with organizations involved in activities in violation of laws or accepted standards of responsible social behaviour and safety.

8. We shall respect cultures and customs of each nation and region, and strive to conduct corporate activities in such a way as to contribute to the developments of local communities throughout the global operations.

9. Top management assumes the responsibility for implementing this charter and for taking all necessary action in order to promote awareness of it among all those concerned. The management shall heed the voice of our organization's stakeholders, both internally and externally, and promote the development and implementation of systems that will contribute to the achievement of ethical corporate behaviour.

10. In the event of a violation of the principles of this charter, top management shall investigate the cause of the violation, develop reforms to prevent its recurrence and make information available to stakeholders regarding our intended actions for reform. After the prompt disclosure (to the extent permitted by law) of appropriate information to stakeholders regarding the violation, responsibility for the violation and its effects should be clarified and disciplinary action should be taken which includes top management where necessary. 


Tetsuhito Sako
Managing Director