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By applying the knowledge and experience derived from OE manufacturing, AISIN Aftermarket parts are equal to, or in some applications have better quality and reliability. Building on our strengths as an OE manufacturer, AISIN also supplies the global aftermarket with clutch, water pump and a wide range of other automotive parts which began with our ASCO brand. The ASCO brand was retired in 2005 and since then we supply aftermarket products under the AISIN brand.

One of AISIN'S unique and innovative technologies, the NVR (Noise Vibration Reduction) Clutch proves performance and environmental awareness can go hand in hand. The NVR clutch system has been adopted into the automotive industry as Original Equipment. We also supply other drivetrain related products including Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder, Free Wheel Hub and Flywheel Damper that deliver equally high quality, performance and reliability.

Regarding engine related products, AISIN takes pride in being the No.1 Water Pump supplier to Japanese automobile manufactures. Utilizing the experience and knowledge gained through years of design cooperation with OEMs, AISIN is able to deliver technological advantages in manufacturing and achieves outstanding quality and durability from our products.

AISIN Water Pumps provide optimal cooling without creating excess load to the engine. Due to AISIN's advanced aluminium die-casting technology and the use of the highest quality materials, AISIN also produces OEM quality Oil Pumps, and Timing Chain Covers, Fan Clutches, along with many other engine products.

AISIN Drivetrain Engineering has also introduced the AISIN Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) and Engine Oil. By applying decades of knowledge, experience, and development in cooperation with OE manufacturers for transmission and engine parts, AISIN has developed a state of the art lubricant that will maximize performance and longevity of automotive transmissions and engine. AISIN is the only transmission manufacturer to engineer its own ATF.

Along with traditional transmission platforms, AISIN has also developed a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) fluid. AISIN Brake products are supplied under the ADVICS brand. By mustering the combine efforts of AISIN, Denso Corp. and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, a new brake system company was established in 2001. ADVICS Vision is to be the worldwide brand of choice by being “Reliable”. ADVICS plan to achieve this by contributing towards the reduction of traffic accidents and protecting our global environment. ADVICS have committed themselves to their promise to “search for continuous evolution to satisfy our customer’s expectation”. Through ADVICS dedicated Research and Development and specialist manufacturing, in cooperation with AISIN’s aftermarket group, we are able to provide high quality and dependable aftermarket products including Brake Pads, Boosters, Brake Master and Wheel Cylinders, Calipers and Disc Rotors. 

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